Important Reminder: Permit User Fee and Triennial Status Report Due Soon

On November 24th, CBP posted a Federal Register Notice reminding the brokerage community that the Customs Brokers User Fee Payment for 2018 is due by January 26, 2018.

The fee ($141.70 for each local permit and national permit) is to be paid annually in each broker district where the broker was issued a permit to do business.

Additionally, every licensed broker (individual, corporation, partnership, and association) is required to file with CBP a Status Report every three years. The next report is due February 1, 2018. A fee ($100.00 for each license) must accompany the status report and the report must be addressed to the director of the port through which the license was delivered to the licensee.  CBP will consider reports received during the month of February to be filed timely. No form or particular format is required.  However, CBP has posted a format on its website. For a copy, you can paste the following link to your web browser’s address bar after December 15, 2017:

The report can be filed and the fee paid online via, which accepts credit, debit and digital wallet (PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc.).  The employee list can be attached and uploaded, as applicable.

We recommend retaining a filing receipt or proof of delivery/receipt of your Status Report and payment.  Remember, it is every individual license holder’s responsibility to assure the status report is filed timely. A failure to timely file the status report can result in automatic revocation of the license.

If you have any questions, please contact David M. Murphy at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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