Petition for the Imposition of Antidumping Duties on Imports of Certain Tapered Roller Bearings from the Republic of Korea

I.  Type of Action: Antidumping Duty (“AD”): Republic of Korea.

II.  Product: The scope of this investigation covers certain tapered roller bearings with a nominal outside cup diameter of eight inches and under, regardless of type of steel, whether of inch or metric size, and whether made of through-hardened steel or case hardened (case-carburized) steel. Certain tapered roller bearings include: finished cup and cone assemblies entering as a set, finished cone assemblies entering separately, and finished parts (cups, cones, and tapered rollers). Certain tapered roller bearings are sold individually as sets (cup and cone assembly), as a cone assembly, as a finished cup, or packaged as a kit with one or several tapered roller bearings, a seal, and grease. Certain tapered roller bearings can be a single row or multiple rows (e.g., two- or four-row), and a cup can handle a single cone assembly or multiple cone assemblies. Included in the scope are thrust bearings. The scope of this investigation does not include unfinished parts of tapered roller bearings (cups, cones, and tapered rollers) and does not include cages, whether finished or unfinished. As noted above, the scope does not include tapered roller bearing wheel hub units, railroad bearings, and other housed tapered roller bearings (flange, take up cartridges, and hanger units incorporating tapered rollers). Tapered roller bearings that have a nominal outer cup diameter of eight inches and under that are used in wheel hub units, railroad bearings, or other housed bearings, but entered separately, are included in the scope to the same extent as described above. All tapered roller bearings meeting the written description above are included, regardless of coating.

III.  HTS classifications: Tapered roller bearings subject to this investigation are primarily classifiable under subheadings 8482.20.0040, 8482.20.0061, 8482.20.0070, 8482.20.0081, 8482.91.0050, 8482.99.1550, and 8482.99.1580 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (“HTSUS”). Parts may also enter under 8482.99.4500. While the HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and for customs purposes, the written description of the subject merchandise is dispositive.

IV.  Date of Filing: June 28, 2017

V.  Petitioners: The Timken Company

VI.  Foreign Producers/Exporters

Please contact our office for a list filed with the petition.

VII.  US Importers named. 

Please contact our office for a list filed with the petition.

VIII. Alleged Dumping Margin:

Republic of Korea: 6.19% - 38.39%;

IX.  Comments:

A.     Projected date of ITC Preliminary Conference: July 19, 2017

B.     The earliest theoretical date for retroactive suspension of liquidation for the antidumping duty is September 6, 2017;

Please contact our office for a complete projected schedule for the AD investigation.

C.     Volume and Value of Imports:

Please contact our office for a summary of the data filed with the petition.

If you have questions regarding how this investigation may impact future imports of scope merchandise, or whether a particular product is within the scope of the investigation, please contact one of our attorneys.

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